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  1. Individual lessons.
  2. Customized lessons. 
  3. Flexible schedule.

  4. Classes begin every day.

  5. Learn at your own pace.

  6. Qualified professionals.

  7. Native speakers.

  8. No registration fees.

Online lessons description
learning Spanish online
Online lessons


Lessons via video calls are ideal for teenagers and adults. Take your class on your phone, laptop or tablet. Whether you are interested in increasing your confidence in speaking Spanish or you are starting from zero, an online course is a good option.

Conversation lessons
1-hour per
$20.00 USD
Package 1
save 8% each hour
10 to 19 hours 
$18.50 USD per hour
Package 2
save 12% each hour
20 to 29 hours 
$17.50 USD per hour
Package 3
save 15% each hour
30+ hours 
$17.00 USD per hour
Courses per level

Novice 1

From ABC to simple phrases.

  • 30 hours conducted by a professional. 

$500.00 USD

Basic 1

Offer personal information using common expressions. 

  • 30 hours conducted by a professional.  



$500.00 USD  

Intermediate 1

 Hold simple conversations using complete sentences. 


  • 30 hours conducted by a professional. 



$600.00 USD 

Do you need a different course?  Speak with us.
learning Spanish
In-person lessons



Lessons are available in Mexico City for all ages and levels. The classes are conducted at your home or your office. Materials are included. 

In-person lessons description

Children under 12

Our programs/courses for children incorporate learning games and colourful materials. Lessons are conducted at home under parental supervision, and we limit the class size to a maximum of two children at a time. Materials are included.


1 hour per $600.00 MXN

Teenagers & Adults

Living or working abroad can be a challenge. Let us help you. Individual lessons at your home or office.

1 hour per $450.00 to 600.00 MXN


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